Ashish accompanied us on all our 6 game drives and his knowledge passion for wildlife and conservation and his tireless-effort made our experience very special. We had multiple tiger sightings experiences from photogenic tigers walking in the open to a tigress and her cubs feeding on a kill in the middle of a thicket – each was special.

One of the more remarkable was Ashish noticing a faint drag mark and after patiently scouring the bushes finally managing to spot the faintest glimpse of tiger on its fresh kill deep in a bamboo thicket less than 50m from the road.

"What Guests Roar About Their Experience"
Our Naturalist Ashish was very knowledgeable and keen to share his experience of the forest, the flora and fauna with us. As birdwatchers, we were over the moon with the wealth of bird life as a bonus on top of the animals and tigers. The accommodation was comfortable – even luxurious.
Ashish was my naturalist and I don't know if there is a better tiger tracker on this earth! I learned so much about the wildlife and birds of India, I couldn't believe my own photos when I got home and had time to review what I had seen.
Ashish is not only a perfect host but an enthusiastic and knowledgeable naturalist. He made our trip very special, with attention to detail, responsible attitude towards the environment and took a personal interest in our expectations.